Illusions IV

Child of ice and fire



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Anónimo asked: how did you become wiccan? How all started?

my brother show me this wonderful world when I was 15 and I fall in love :)

Anónimo asked: do you believe in god?

in my god yes

mach429 asked: Thanks for the gorgeous photos! They make a great screensaver! Even my jealous wife had to admit how beautiful you are! xoxo!

ahahhaa thank you!

Anónimo asked: <3


Anónimo asked: You're so fucking perfect

ohhhh no <3

Anónimo asked: és gótica ?

sou um misto de  nada com nada.

Anónimo asked: Denise, desculpa pela pergunta, mas és bissexual?

nao. sem problemas:)